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In today’s fast-moving world, fleet managers are under more pressure than ever to deliver goods and services to customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It seems that the customers’ expectations have increased with each passing year (as have gas prices!), and companies must find new ways to keep up.

Thankfully, within the last decade, GPS Vehicle Tracking system has grown and adapted to the times. Using technology as a key part of your fleet services can cut costs, eliminate unnecessary mileage, boost productivity and even improve customer service.In fact, it has become widely-known that fleet managers must make use of new technologies in order to be successful in the future – otherwise, you could fall behind your competitors, disappoint shareholders, and lose customers.

You may be concerned about the potential costs of implementing new fleet management systems into your existing structure and operations. While you might think it’s “too expensive” to adopt these new technologies, in reality, the potential return-on-investment (ROI) validates the cost and then some. To help you understand what fleet management technology can do for your company, your drivers, and your bottom line, take a look at the list of its benefits below.

Streamline Routes and Reduce Fuel Costs

With GPS-based fleet management technology, you can provide your drivers with the fastest, most optimal route as well as easy-to-understand directions. The software will also automatically recalculate their course if they deter from the route that’s best for time and distance, which in turn will reduce overall mileage and fuel costs for your company. Plus, you can also reduce the amount of fuel burned with idling alarms and the monitoring of potentially-aggressive driving patterns. Not only will you reduce your fuel consumption, but also your carbon footprint.

Improve Driver Safety Monitoring

One of the core aspects of fleet management is ensuring driver safety, as well as the safety of others on the road. With state-of-the-art fleet management technology, you can now monitor drivers in real-time and pinpoint at-risk behaviours, like texting, following too closely or braking too quickly. The software can alert your driver that they are participating in unsafe or inefficient driving behaviours, which will help coach them into better habits. You can also program the technology to notify you of these risky driving behaviours, so you’re aware of which employees may need more guidance in the future.

Not only does this increase safety for the truck driver and his fellow travellers on the road, but it also helps keep your vehicles in top condition. Regular wear-and-tear on a vehicle is amplified by these hazardous behaviours, and they can lead to greater fuel consumption over the same stretch of mileage.

Precisely Manage Preventive Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is a significant cost to fleet managers, but there are now some technologies that can help reduce downtime and costs related to regular tune-ups like oil changes or tire rotations. For instance, an oil change at one vendor may necessitate only 20 minutes of downtime, while at another shop it might take longer than two hours. New programs can provide you with that information and data, so you’re able to route your drivers to the most efficient vendors in the future and prevent your employees from wasting time waiting for service.

Plus, with long-term data, some analytic tools can even predict when an engine in your fleet could fail or when major maintenance work may be necessary. These tools understand your vehicles and can gather more information than you would be aware of when behind the wheel. By utilizing the right fleet management technology, you can nip these problems in the bud before they cost your business time and money.

Manage Roadside Assistance More Effectively

Even if you use all the technology available to monitor your vehicles and prevent major problems, you’re still likely to encounter a vehicle breakdown now and then. At that point, it’s vital to have the emergency assistance you can rely on – that’s why many fleet managers are trusting third-party companies with their commercial roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance companies are also making use of the latest technology to better serve fleets, their drivers, and their managers. Encore Protection, for example, utilizes GPS technology in their dispatch systems, allowing them to pinpoint vehicle breakdowns in seconds and notify drivers of an estimated time of arrival for their tow truck.

Increase Profits with Quantifiable Data

You may be convinced of the many benefits of fleet management technology, but not sure how to sell your colleagues on the software – one of the key aspects to adopting new operations and routines is presenting quantifiable numbers that show proven results. Luckily, fleet management software can often produce the data necessary to bring everyone onboard.

In Conclusion

Fleet management can be a tough job – you’re tasked with reducing costs, improving safety, taking on ecological concerns, and maintaining efficient operations.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Fleet management technology services have advanced drastically in the last ten years. In fact, it’s estimated the global commercial vehicle telematics market is set to reach 13.2 billion dollars by the end of 2015. Take advantage of these technologies for your fleet, and you’re sure to see results in your company’s bottom line.

To learn more about how to more effectively manage your fleet, check out our other commercial resources.

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“Don’t be book cover, judgmental person”

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Generally,  Transport business owner’s thinking about spending on GPS vehicle tracking system is really worth it or not.

While choosing a GPS tracking device they are considered following key functions, It depends on their usage but basically, they are looking cheap GPS devices which respond very well and need best tracking solutions.

Only a few of Business owner’s check software solution, where it can be setup, parameters (depend on the model) like data storage, how many input/output (hardware), and most of all what is the company behind for technical support.

I believe the last line is an essential key. we spend years in monitoring the behaviour of clients and as far as our experience so that we can tell you there are a lot of crap GPS devices out there, and very well-known brands even Software (white label )also. We have a list of devices that we tested and successfully integrated with our own Software. As per our customer request we ready to do all. Whatever it is basic tracking, or something more complex such as CANbus, ADAS, IoT, etc.  But coming to the fundamental, It’s all about cost.

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Parenting Adivse to safe of their kids

Losing a child is the most terrible thing that can happen to any parent. The grief it causes is unthinkable. You would wish you could stop the time until your child is located. Let us discuss the benefits of GPS tracking for children.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Children

Tracking children with GPS has plenty of benefits mainly in the safety department. While there are GPS trackers that are wearable, other miniature devices can be attached to backpacks and jackets or slipped into pockets.

Not only will it help you keep track of your kids while in crowded places, other benefits of GPS tracking for children include the following:

  • Keeps track of children in case of abduction.
  • Allows children more freedom while being watched.
  • Monitors children with special needs who wander.
  • Helps monitor children with behavioural problems.
  • Gives peace of mind to parents.


“Don’t be book cover, judgmental person” Generally,  Transport business owner’s thinking about spending on GPS vehicle tracking system is really worth it or not. While choosing a GPS tracking device they are considered following key functions, It depends on their usage but basically, they are looking cheap GPS devices which respond very well and need…

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PALPAP ERP for FEE Management System

Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd

The Fee Module of PALPAP ERP is one of the most automated fee calculation modules available in the market. Apart from being automated.  It is, at the same time, flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the institutions come across. Fee calculation is done on the basis of Category selected for the student.

The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user also provided the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle whichever applicable.

User-defined fee structure and category can be maintained. Automated bill generation option enhances the system dependability. Fee Receipt can be accepted by the system with few mouse clicks. At any point of time user can check collections made and outstanding with a single click.

Create and manage fee types…

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Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd


PALPAP ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational establishments to digitize Institution entire organization work process. Since its foundation in 1997, PALPAP do proceed explore in Educational Sector and continually meet the customer need with front line highlights and moved advancements executed more than 450 Institution in Tamil Nadu.

Understudy Attendance Management is a vital module of PALPAP ERP programming. This module covers the administration of Student Attendance for Theory, Practice and Clinical classes. The understudy participation report is the most critical part in the Student Attendance Management programming. The participation is taken, utilizing a system based biometric/RFID interface, in this framework. Manual participation information should likewise be possible, on solicitation. Participation reports, in this understudy participation administration arrangement, are characterized into these areas: Real time class to class/day by day/week by week/month to month/semester/yearly reports. Every one of the partners can get to…

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Assess Your Institution Performance Report in Academic – #PALPAP ERP

Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd

Assess Your Institution Performance Report in Academic – #PALPAP ERP

Innovation is caught with all aspects of our life. It manages our method for shopping, mingling, joining with others, and playing, so it is entirely intelligent that it will impact the way we learn.

Understudies by and large have an ideal demeanor toward innovation. Be that as it may, as indicated by #Palpap ERP, innovation has just a moderate impact on understudies’ dynamic association or as a connector with different understudies and workforce. The rest is still up to the instructor and how they can rouse their understudies.

Many students use mobile devices for academic purposes. Their in-class use is more likely when instructors encourage such use; however, both faculty and students are concerned about their potential for distraction.

The administration must think about this potential diversion is useful for whole execution of organization, Palpap offers the arrangement…

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Digital Tools Evolving to Track Students – PALPAP ERP

nice work

Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd

Digital Tools Evolving to Track Students – PALPAP ERP


The race is on to provide students with personalized learning experiences based on their individual students and their performance in academic manner.

Digital assessment provided on e-readers help track the consumption of your courseware to enable effective teaching. With teachers taking the role of facilitators this learning platform enables personalized learning environment.

Palpap Academic module gathers information on student’s performance in exams and provides analyzed structured information to the management and parents.

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